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MouseBook v0.2 Released

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MouseBook v0.2 Released MouseBook is a database integration system and web search interface that allows scientists to source information generated at MRC Harwell. New functionality has been added to MouseBook making it even easier for scientists to find interesting mouse models and stay up-to-date with the latest scientific information from MRC Harwell. These features include: Search for data using specific phenotype ontology terms MouseBook now makes use of OATH (Ontology Annotation sysTem at Harwell) to provide the ability to search through all of MRC Harwell’s public data not only with text based matches but using specific phenotype ontology terms via an AJAX ontology annotation tree interface. User login to save and retrieve searches The new user login system allows users to register, save and retrieve important searches at any point. This also includes the ability to specify when they receive an automatic email notification of new results found within the constantly updating underlying data of MouseBook.

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