Guidelines and Commentaries

We publish guidelines in areas of relevance to our community, such as mouse pathology, high-throughput phenotyping, and screening and validation of genome-edited animals, as well as commentaries on the latest issues of interest.

Importing genetically altered animals: ensuring quality

Birling, M. C., Fray, M. D., Kasparek, P., Kopkanova, J., Massimi, M., Matteoni, R., Montoliu, L., Nutter, L. M. J., Raspa, M., Rozman, J., Ryder, E. J., Scavizzi, F., Voikar, V., Wells, S., Pavlovic, G., Teboul, L.

(2021) , Mamm Genome , 33 , 100-107


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Commentary: the role of the toxicologic pathologist in academia

Turner, P. V., Haschek, W. M., Bolon, B., Diegel, K., Hayes, M. A., McEwen, B., Sargeant, A. M., Scudamore, C. L., Stalker, M., von Beust, B., Wancket, L. M.,

(2015) , Vet Pathol , 52 , 7-17


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