Methods Development

The MLC contributes to the development of new techniques and research methods in areas such as animal husbandry and welfare, phenotyping of mutant lines, and mouse pathology. We are also at the forefront of improvements to technologies such as CRISPR and the latest imaging techniques.

Evaluation of off-target and on-target scoring algorithms and integration into the guide RNA selection tool CRISPOR

Haeussler, M., Schonig, K., Eckert, H., Eschstruth, A., Mianne, J., Renaud, J. B., Schneider-Maunoury, S., Shkumatava, A., Teboul, L., Kent, J., Joly, J. S., Concordet, J. P.

(2016) , Genome Biol , 17 , 148



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Building for the future: essential infrastructure for rodent ageing studies

Wells, S. E., Bellantuono, I.

(2016) , Mamm Genome , 27 , 440-4



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Aneuploidy screening of embryonic stem cell clones by metaphase karyotyping and droplet digital polymerase chain reaction

Codner, G. F., Lindner, L., Caulder, A., Wattenhofer-Donze, M., Radage, A., Mertz, A., Eisenmann, B., Mianne, J., Evans, E. P., Beechey, C. V., Fray, M. D., Birling, M. C., Herault, Y., Pavlovic, G., Teboul, L.

(2016) , BMC Cell Biol , 17 , 30



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Analysis of Individual Mouse Activity in Group Housed Animals of Different Inbred Strains using a Novel Automated Home Cage Analysis System

Bains, R. S., Cater, H. L., Sillito, R. R., Chartsias, A., Sneddon, D., Concas, D., Keskivali-Bond, P., Lukins, T. C., Wells, S., Acevedo Arozena, A., Nolan, P. M., Armstrong, J. D.

(2016) , Front Behav Neurosci , 10 , 106



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Talking welfare: the importance of a common language

Bussell, J., Wells, S. E.

(2015) , Mamm Genome , 26 , 482-5



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